1. The official name of for Mexico is the Estados Únidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States.)
  2. Mexico is the 11th most populous country in the world with 121 million people.
  3. Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world by total area.
  4. Mexico has 68 official languages.
  5. The main language spoken in Mexico is Spanish.
  6. Mexico’s main industries are food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel petroleum, mining and tourism.Thier agricultural products are rice, beans, coffee, fruit, and tomatoes.
  7. Mexico is the most populated Spanish-speaking country in the world.
  8. Mexico is home to over 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is a popular tourist destination.
  9. The oldest university in North America, the National University of Mexico, was established in 1551.
  10. Chocolate, chilies, and corn are introduced to the world by Mexico.
  11. Chocolate and chilies

  12. Popcorn was domesticated 9,000 years ago in Mexico.
  13. Stone tools have been found in Mexico that suggests the existence of humans there around 23000 years ago.
  14. 75% of all sesame seeds grown in Mexico end up on McDonald’s hamburger buns.
  15. Mexico is located in the “Ring of Fire” which is one of the earth’s most violent earthquake and volcano zone.
  16. Olmecs (1400-300 B.C.), is the first greatest civilization in Mexico. They worshiped a mysterious, unnamed god that was part of Jaguar and part human. They established many cities along the eastern coast of Mexico.
  17. The Zapotec civilization (600 B.C. – A.D. 800) developed the first writing system in the Americans and established great cities along southern Mexico.
  18. Modern Mexicans are a unique blend of many ancient civilizations, including the Olmec, Zapotec, Toltec, Maya, Aztec, Inca, African, French, and Spanish.
  19. One unusual Mayan weapon was a “hornet bomb,” which was an actual hornet’s nest thrown at enemies during battle.
  20. Hot chocolate was considered the sacred drink by the Aztecs.
  21. The Aztecs played ritual ball game known as tlachtli in which the losers were often sacrificed to the gods.
  22. Aztecs ball-game

  23. The Aztecs sacrificed 1% of their population every year or about 250,000 people.
  24. The name tomato comes from the Aztec language.
  25. Mexico was named “New Spain” when Hernan Cortes conquered the territory from the Aztecs.
  26. In Mexico, artists can pay their taxes with their artworks.
  27. The most popular sport in Mexico is football (soccer).
  28. Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico is the largest pyramid in the world.
  29. In 1913, Mexico had three different presidents, in a span of one hour.
  30. Mexico City is built on a lake called Texcoco.
  31. Mexico City has had many nicknames in the past including “City of the Palaces”, “City of Hope” and “Capital in Movement”.
  32. Mexico City is home to the world’s largest taxi fleet of 100,000 taxis running every day.
  33. mexico-city-taxi

  34. Mexico City sinks 10 inches each year.
  35. The largest source of immigration to the United States is from Mexico.
  36. Illegal immigration from Mexico to the U.S. has decreased by 80% since 2000.
  37. From 2009 to 2014, more Mexicans left the U.S than migrated into the country.
  38. More than 90% of the country’s firearms are smuggled in from the United States.
  39. Sugary drinks kill more people than violent crime in Mexico.
  40. The border between Mexico and the United States is the second largest border in the world.
  41. Mexico holds second place to the United States in the number of boxing world titles won.
  42. Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836 and became a Republic until it joined the U.S. in 1845.
  43. More than 5 million passengers use Mexico City’s Metro, which is the cheapest and largest in Latin America.
  44. Mexico City’s Metro

  45. Mexico city’s international airport is the busiest and largest in Latin America.
  46. The first printing press in North America was used in Mexico City in 1539.
  47. A very rare breed of rabbit, called Volcano Rabbit is found in Mexico near the Mexican volcanoes.
  48. Mexican bullfighting, also called fiesta brava, is similar to the Spanish version. It has been popular for around 400 years.
  49. Actor Anthony Quinn was the first Mexican to win an Academy Award for his role in the 1952 movies Viva Zapata.
  50. It is estimated that the Mexico drug cartels make US$152 million per year from growing and selling avocados.
  51. The Xoloitzcuintli is the national dog of Mexico.
  52. Before 1958, women could not vote in presidential elections.
  53. Every year, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from U.S and Canada to Mexico.
  54. Mexico is one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth. The country has the most reptile species in the world housing over 700 reptile species and also has the second most (over 430) mammal species in the world.
  55. ring-tail-snake

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