• The logo of the Royal New Zealand Air Force is the Kiwi, a flightless bird.
  • Interesting And Fun Facts About New Zealand

  • New Zealand bans all advertising on TV on Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and ANZAC Day.
  • During WW1, New Zealand raised an army of 100,000 men, about 10% of its population.
  • Kiwifruit was originally called Chinese gooseberries.
  • The courts in New Zealand allowed a child to be named “Number 16 Bus Shelter.”
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  • New Zealand is one of the only countries to have two national anthems- God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand.
  • Three-quarters of New Zealanders living overseas are in Australia.
  • In 1984, New Zealand’s Prime Minister got drunk and decided to spontaneously call a general election. He lost.
  • Wellington is the southernmost capital city in the world.
  • Interesting And Fun Facts About New Zealand

  • There are 9 sheep per each person in New Zealand, making it the highest ratio in the world.
  • With more than 400, New Zealand has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world.
  • The kiwi fruit is not native from New Zealand. It’s actually from China, but it was named after the kiwi bird.
  • No matter where you are in New Zealand, you’ll never be more than 128 km from the seaside.
  • New Zealand is the world’s second-largest producer of wool (after Australia)
  • Interesting And Fun Facts About New Zealand

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