1. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.
  2. Brazil’s official name is República Federativa do Brasil (Federative Republic of Brazil).
  3. Brazil has the 2nd highest number of airports in the world, after the U.S.
  4. Brazil has 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  5. Brazil’s Capital, Brasilia, looks like an aeroplane from above.
  6. The country of Brazil occupies half of South America’s total landmass.
  7. 4,600 miles of Brazil’s coastline lies on the Atlantic Ocean.
  8. Brazil was once ruled by the Portuguese.
  9. Pedro Álvares Cabral was sailing for India when he landed on the Brazilian coast on April 22, 1500, claiming Brazil for the Portuguese Empire.
  10. Brazil is the largest Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) nation in the world and the only one in the Americas.
  11. 50 Interesting Facts about Brazil

  12. The Portuguese established sugar plantations in Brazil during the 16th century.
  13. Brazil shares a border with nine countries – every South American country except Chile and Ecuador.
  14. The Macaw is the national animal of Brazil.
  15. The highest point is Pico da Neblina at 2994 meters (9820 feet).
  16. Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years.
  17. Brazil is the world’s first country to ban tanning beds.
  18. ‘Rubber’ made Brazil a wealthy nation during the late 18th century.
  19. It occupies the ninth spot on the list of the most billionaires in the world.
  20. Brazil is the world’s largest market for crack cocaine.
  21. Natives of Rio de Janeiro’s city proper are called Cariocas.
  22.  Rio de Janeiro

  23. In areas around Brazil and Argentina, the earth’s magnetic field has been found to be weakening, specifically for the last 180 years.
  24. 92% of all newly sold cars in Brazil use ethanol as fuel, which is produced from sugar cane.
  25. An island in Brazil called Snake Island has up to 5 snakes per square meter. Civilians are not allowed to visit the island.
  26. 35% of men from rural Brazil have had sex with an animal, a study found.
  27. Brazil has the tenth-largest railway and third-largest roadway network in the world.
  28. The Brazilian national dish is feijoada, a black bean stew with dried, salted, and smoked meat.
  29. Brazil boasts the largest population of Catholics in the world at 73.6% of its population.
  30. Brazil once tried to sell an aircraft carrier on eBay.
  31. The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in Brazil.
  32. Rio de Janeiro means “January River” and it was called that by mistake. A Portuguese explorer thought the bay was the mouth of a river.
  33. Rio de Janeiro

  34. There’s an underground river 4 KM (2.4 mi) beneath the Amazon River in Brazil, that might be as long, but hundreds of times wider.
  35. When Pele and Garrincha played together, Brazil never lost a game of soccer.
  36. In every city in Brazil, there is at least one soccer stadium.
  37. Brazil became the first South American country to accept women into its armed forces, in the 1980s.
  38. Brazil has 64 national parks and more than 200 conservation units. One of the interesting parks – Lencóis Maranhenses National Park is home to sand dunes that are formed by wind and ocean currents. The dunes can reach heights of 40 meters.
  39. Brazil produces large quantities of iron ore but also copper, gold and diamonds.
  40. Brazil is self-sufficient in energy.
  41. Brazil’s first printing press was set up in 1808.
  42. There’s a colony in Brazil founded by 2,000 to 4,000 Confederate refugees who left the U.S. after losing the Civil War.
  43. The name Brazil comes from ‘Brazilwood’ – the name of a tree in Brazil.
  44. paubrasil-Ceplag

  45. The Brazilian Football Confederation was founded in 1914
  46. ‘Silva’ is the most popular surname in Brazil.
  47. There is a group of people in Brazil called the Bororo who all have the same blood type: “O.”
  48. Henry Ford organized his own Amazon rubber plantations in 1927: Fordlândia and Belterra. Both failed due to poor disease control over crops.
  49. The Brazilian national drink is the caipirinha which is cachaca (sugarcane liquor) mixed inside a glass with sugar, ice, and crushed lime slices.
  50. Brazil has a city called “Nao-Me-Toque.” It literally means “Don’t Touch Me.”
  51.  About 4 million slaves were taken from Africa to Brazil, about 40% of all in the Americas.
  52. The Brazilian national drink is the caipirinha which is cachaca (sugarcane liquor) mixed inside a glass with sugar, ice, and crushed lime slices.
  53. The Brazilian National Championship soccer tournament takes six months to play and has up to 44 competing teams.
  54. Rio de Janeiro’s beaches have 1.7 million times the disease-causing viruses of what would be considered hazardous on a California beach.
  55. dirty_brazil beach

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