If you are looking for some cool and Interesting facts about Hamsters then you have come to the right place. On this page, we have listed 30 Fun Facts about Hamsters that you will love.


  1. Hamsters are naturally nocturnal like owls which mean they stay awake at night and sleep during the day.
  2. Male hamsters are called boars.
  3. Female hamsters are called sows.
  4. Baby hamsters are called pups.
  5. Pups are born with a full set of teeth which they keep for their whole lives.
  6. Facts about hamsters

  7. Pups are born without hearing and sight until they are two weeks old.
  8. Female hamsters usually give birth to around eight children.
  9. Hamsters are friendly. While they like to live alone, they do enjoy your companionship.
  10. When they live in the wild, they enjoy warm and sparse areas like deserts which are very dry have little water, plant and tree life.
  11. Hamsters are fast runners for their size. They can run up to 4 miles per hour.
  12. Hamsters are omnivores they can eat seeds, grains, grasses and even insects.
  13. Hamsters can learn their names. If you talk to your hamster frequently, she’ll get used to hearing her name.
  14. Hamsters’ teeth are always growing. They always need to be chewing food so they can grind their teeth down.
  15. Syrian hamsters are the most popular type of hamster to be kept as pets. They are also called teddy bear or golden hamsters.
  16. Hamsters were brought to the United States from Syria in 1936.
  17. Facts about hamsters

  18. There are twenty-five species of hamster that exist today, but only 5 hamster species are available in pet stores.
  19. You can tell when a hamster is happy if they are running around a lot and active within their cage.
  20. A type of hamster called the European Hamster is the largest of the hamster species. They can grow up to 13 inches long.
  21. Roborovski Dwarf hamsters are the smallest type of hamster. Adult Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters sometimes grow to as little as 2 inches long.
  22. Hamsters have different types of personality depending on the variety of hamster.
  23. Facts about hamsters

  24. Syrian hamsters much prefer living alone and can’t live with any other hamsters other than with their own brothers or sisters.
  25. The word hamster is an old German word which translates as ‘to hoard’ because hamsters love to hoard and store their food.
  26. Hamsters have the ability to store food in their cheeks and eat it later. If they find food at a place where they don’t feel safe, they store it and eat it later at a safe place.
  27. A mother hamster can also store her newborn children in her cheek pouch to carry them to another place or if they are in danger.
  28. The average hamster life span is around 2 to 2.5 years. However, Roborovski hamsters often live to over 3 years.
  29. Facts about hamsters

  30. Hamsters cannot see very well at all. They get around by using their backs. Hamsters have scent glands on their backs which produce a unique but easy to identify the scent. They rub their backs on objects so they can sniff their way back home.
  31. Hamsters are colorblind.
  32. Hamsters are allergic to cedar.
  33. Hamsters have 16 teeth altogether.
  34. Hamsters are able to catch colds and flu from humans.

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